About us

The Torroneria di G.F.G Murdolo is a pastry company that produces Artisan Torrone, in particular Taurianova nougat, and Calabrian confectionary specialties. You can find us in Taurianova, in Piazza Italia, 25 and stop by to savor the taste of the Artisan Nougat made with tradition and experience.

A solid family tradition, the search for ingredients, the selection of Mediterranean aromas, ancient wisdom and confectionery manual skills allow us to create a Calabrese nougat of great excellence.

The choice of raw materials is a mission for La Torroneria, not simple almonds and hazelnuts, but for example first choice Apulian almonds, high quality honey and sugar, dark chocolate made with care and in an artisanal way.

Giovanni, Francesca and Giacinta Murdolo belong to the new generation of artisans of the Calabrian confectionery tradition and work every day to guarantee you sweet experiences!

Torroni La Torroneria